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Lianyungang City Public Channel is one of the two main channels built by Lianyungang Radio and TV Media Group (Taiwan) in the past four years.

In line with that development trend of TV media, the channel will focus on the local city culture, closely follow the theme of "life service," pay attention to people's clothing, food and accommodation, and strive to create "the most vigorous comment, the most hot news and the most warm-hearted help." The self-run program groups, organized a number of across the river north and south "city assault" activities, launched colorful square dance, cooking competition and other community-based activities, close to the daily life of local citizens, unique local characteristics. Loved by the local people of Lianyungang. The public-interest brand of small orange lamp news created by urban public channel is deeply rooted in people's hearts, and the public-interest activities such as paying close attention to the burns of small brothers in the East China Sea and self-strengthening rice are continuously launched. Channel self-run program ratings compared with the same period of last year increased 3-4 times, the first group of regional ratings.

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