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Mianyang Party Member Education Channel Logo

With the strong support of the Organizational Department of the Mianyang Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Radio and television stations, and after more than half a year of consultation and preparation, the special channel of "Mianyang Party member education" was finally tested and opened on the new media platform of Mianyang TV station.

The special channel for Party members'education is to combine the contents of the central and Provincial Distance Education Courseware with the local programs by utilizing the all-media publishing ability of Mianyang's "three-network integration" information service platform and combining the current advantages of program production and information collection of Mianyang Radio and Television Station and Distance Center. The rich content and diversified forms of the broadcast channels enable the education of Party members to enter millions of households, and improve the coverage and influence of education on Party members. As a new position for educating Party members and propagating Party building, the channel of "Mianyang Party member education" has played a great role in further enhancing the effect of cadre education and training, expanding the external influence and popularity of Party building work in Mianyang, shouting "Mianyang voice", launching "Mianyang manufacture", and enhancing the cohesion and combat effectiveness of Party organizations. Use.

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