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Mianyang Public Channel Logo

The second set of MYTV-2 Mianyang City Life Channel is broadcasted on Channel 6, which focuses on urban life and economy. The main columns are "Very Entertainment".

Mianyang TV City Life Channel (Public Channel) was founded in 1990. It is one of the earliest cable TV channels in China. It is also the earliest cable TV transmission network using optical fiber communication in China. Now it has built nearly 40 optical contact HFC fiber coaxial hybrid network and realized data communication. It has covered Mianyang Youyou. Xian District, Fucheng District, Science City, High-tech Development Zone and the planning area of millions of urban population in surrounding towns.

Mianyang TV City Life Channel (Public Channel) has an off-line video and audio workstation. It produces and broadcasts in BETACAM format with clear images and good broadcasting quality.

Mianyang TV City Life Channel has a variety of programs, including "Very Entertainment", "New Real Estate", "Mianyang Space-time", "Mianyang Theater" and other columns. It has strong entertainment characteristics and prominent local customs, which has a strong attraction for the city audience. Its ratings have always been in the forefront of cable channels.

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