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NanChang University Television, referred to as NCUTV, is a school teaching business unit, belonging to the Center for Modern Educational Technology. Early school audio-visual teaching is an important position of propaganda and ideological education under the leadership of the Party Committee and the administration of the school. It is also a platform for the production of TV news, programs and various topics in the school, as well as a training platform for the whole school students to provide TV media practice.

Under the guidance of the teachers of the school TV stations, the TV press corps carries out practical activities such as program planning, television videotaping, news writing and post-production, and plays a role in the campus news of Changda, the campus cultural activities of Qianhu series, the interview records of "Learning Outline, Promoting Development" series, the live and broadcast activities of various large-scale evenings and competitions. It plays a positive role. At the same time, through the practice of television, it has greatly improved its comprehensive quality and ability.

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