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The predecessor of Ningxia Public Channel is Ningxia Television Station. It was founded in 1971. After years of operation, it has formed a relatively stable program structure and audience groups. It has a comparative advantage in Ningxia's local television media and is the most authoritative and influential main channel in Ningxia's local channel.

The orientation of Ningxia Public Channel is news comprehensive channel, which broadcasts 19 and a half hours a day, mainly with news programs, news columns and main TV plays, while giving consideration to special programs, cultural and entertainment programs and variety shows.

Under the leadership of the Party Committee of the General Station, Ningxia Public Channel has always adhered to the correct guidance of public opinion. It regards news publicity, safe broadcasting, channel ratings and advertising revenue as its pursuit goal, optimizes program arrangement, improves the quality of its own programs, strengthens channel brand building, and enables news publicity, internal reform and business construction. New progress has been made. In 2006, among 465 provincial and municipal terrestrial television channels in China, Ningxia public channel ranked ninth in the country with a full-time audience of 1.697% and a market share of 10.958%. It became the only channel in the northwest region to enter the top 30. It has written a bright spot of Ningxia news media in the whole country and also two highlights of the work of Ningxia Radio and Television Station in 2006. One point. Due to outstanding achievements, Ningxia Public Channel ranked first in the comprehensive evaluation of the business department of Ningxia Radio and Television General Station in 2006.

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