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Since its establishment, Puyang News Comprehensive Channel has always adhered to the correct guidance of public opinion, closely centered on the central work of the Party Committee and the government, highlighted the main theme, fought a good initiative, and strived to create a good public opinion environment for Puyang's economic construction, building a well-off society, building a harmonious Puyang and social development, and for Puyang's. The construction of material civilization, spiritual civilization and political civilization has made positive contributions.

Since its establishment, we have vigorously promoted the cause construction and team construction aiming at the establishment of technical equipment and high-quality contingents, and strived to establish and improve the management system for the needs of social development. All the work has achieved rapid development.

Puyang TV Station was founded in July 1986 and broadcasted at its new site on December 8, 1995. Puyang Television Station and Puyang Cable Television Station merged in November 2003. Puyang Television Station has four channels: news synthesis (one set), public channel (two sets), Jingcai Puyang channel, science and education channel (three sets). The digitization transition of acquisition, editing and broadcasting equipment has basically been completed. Program signals are transmitted through wireless and wired channels, covering the whole city of Puyang and Hebi, Xinxiang, Anyang, Heze, Liaocheng, Handan. Dandan and other surrounding areas.

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