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Qinghai Life Channel has always been aiming at "being the channel around the people" and guided by brand management. It has formed a program framework featuring people's livelihood news programs as the leader, self-made special programs as the main hit, introducing programs as the wings, large-scale activities and news public welfare actions as the highlight. After exploration and practice, Qinghai Life Channel has grown rapidly. Qinghai is the most influential, local channel with the highest ratings and the most investment value of the ground channel.

Qinghai Life Channel column: 90 minutes long, focusing on the world, focusing on all aspects of people's livelihood, locking in all aspects of people's livelihood, adhering to media responsibilities and devoting to social public welfare, with the purpose of paying attention to people's livelihood, reflecting public opinion, sharing worries for the government and solving difficulties for the people. Doing news with speed, temperature, depth and sharpness is the constant pursuit of People's Time 1. It is the responsibility of the Classic View Act to provide legal services to the audience in a sunny manner, in a popular form. The 30-minute Classic View Act, with its spiritual orientation close to people's livelihood, fresh and unique perspective, objective and detailed content, is deeply loved and supported by the broad audience. The Jingshi Act has become a safety advisor and a pioneer of safeguarding rights for Qinghai people.

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