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SiTV colorful drama, the essence of the world drama, promote the advantages of modern media, Jiuzhou hundreds of opera charm, appreciate the beauty of Liyuan flowers, drama quyi turn out, fresh and ugly on the stage. Making TV Drama with the Style of Shanghai Style and Fashion with Modern Visual Angle.

The "Grand Theatre on the Sea" - - Beijing, Kunming, Yue, Shanghai and Huaihe evaluation bullets, gathering the most traditional classics and stage new works, so that you do not leave home, such as the theatre.

TV Book Garden - - In the three strings of Pipa, how many things are covered, the ups and downs of the story, the language of the lotus, and you meet every day.

"Famous Master and Famous Segment" - - Show the charm of famous artists on stage and explore the behind-the-scenes stories of famous artists. "Famous family, famous section," and you meet the star master.

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