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Sichuan Television Star Shopping Channel (SCTV-6) is built by Sichuan Radio and Television Group. Star Shopping is a new development path that Sichuan Radio and Television Group seeks under the new economic situation and competitive environment, and also a new profit model that exploits the inherent advantages of the media and the ability of resource integration.

As "Sichuan people's own TV shopping", Star Shopping has been widely praised by Sichuan people since it was broadcasted on Channel 6 of Sichuan TV Station on December 28, 2007. At present, it has nearly 150,000 members.

Star Shopping is not only an economic industry under diversified management, but also a cultural industry that influences people's lifestyle. Star Shopping came into being under the guidance of the development goal of "leaping from a large province of cultural resources to a strong province of culture" put forward by the Ninth Party Congress of Sichuan Province in 2007. It has been listed as a key development project of cultural industry in Sichuan Province, and has been highly valued and strongly supported by provincial governments of provincial Party committees and committees. Star shopping, as a new product of the combination of traditional media and social retail industry, will become another breakthrough in the optimization of cultural industrial structure in our province, and another leap point in stimulating national economic growth in our cultural industry.

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