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Sichuan Radio and Television International Channel calls for "Sichuan Radio and Television International Channel" in Chinese and "Sichuan TV International Channel" in English. At present, it has landed in Southeast Asia, Europe, Australia, the United States, Canada and Taiwan, China.

Sichuan Radio and Television International Channel is a Chinese TV channel that overseas Chinese and overseas Chinese pay close attention to Tianfu and look back to their motherland. It is a program unit in six hours and is continuously rolling throughout the day. Sichuan Radio and Television International Channel takes Sichuan's scientific development of social economy, beautiful natural resources and unique Bashu culture as its point of view to show overseas audiences the rich tourism resources and ancient history of Western China, as well as the folk customs of ethnic minorities. At the same time, we will build an open platform for the audience to understand Sichuan and the western part of China.

Sichuan TV Science and Education Channel (Sichuan Educational TV Station), founded in 1998, belongs to the Sichuan Education Department and is under the industry management of Sichuan Radio, Film and Television Bureau. Sichuan Science and Education Channel takes "base on big education, face the whole society, devote itself to reform and opening up, serve economic development" as its purpose, takes "disseminate advanced ideas, promote science and technology, carry forward national culture, train four new people" as its duty, and adheres to the road of professional development based on the principle of highlighting personality and concentrating advantages. Highlighting the characteristics of education, science and technology, culture and public welfare is an important platform for disseminating education and scientific and technological knowledge in our province. It has reached the provincial level in terms of team building, program production and program reserve, with remarkable social benefits. Sichuan Science and Education Channel broadcasts 24 hours a day. At present, there are various professional columns such as education, journalism, children's education, vocational education, culture and education, science and technology education, language education and so on. The main columns are Educational News, College Entrance Examination 360, Record and Sunshine Infinite, which are professional, authoritative and comprehensive. The report enjoys a high reputation in the provincial education program market and is deeply loved by the audience.

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