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In 1995, Shandong Educational TV Station undertook the sacred national mission and began broadcasting at the historic moment. This is the only provincial education satellite TV station jointly established by the Ministry of Education and the Shandong Provincial Government to implement the strategy of "rejuvenating the country through science and education". Satellite signals cover 34 countries and regions.

Shandong Educational TV Station adheres to education, adheres to public welfare, bases itself on Shandong, faces the whole country, gives full play to the advantages of the educational system, takes the promotion of socialist core values as the core, actively develops excellent traditional culture education, moral and legal education, science and technology education, literature and art education, health education for the elderly and other fields. Work for "one old, one young and one family", and actively build a public service platform for modern education and culture.

Brand columns such as "Famous Experts Forum", "Confucius University Hall", "Warm Chinese", "Human World", "Leling College", "Educational News", "Early Knock on the Door" and "Qilu Most Beautiful Teachers", "Chinese Dream. Campus Situation", "Shandong Primary and Secondary School Students Campus Art Festival Exhibition Baixian Xing", "Happy Chinese Characters" Such large-scale activities highlight the distinctive characteristics of educational and cultural channels. Side Science, produced jointly with China Educational Television Association, has won the second prize of national scientific and technological progress.

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