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Making its debut on 1 January 2008, the Art and Culture Channel was re-launched on 4 July 2014 after a structural modification. As a member of the SMG public media group, the channel is oriented to “getting close to the classic”. Instead of using advertising income and viewership rating as the performance indicators, it is dedicated to establishing a fine public platform spreading classic art.

As the first channel dedicated to art and culture in China, the channel and its programs have been awarded by authoritative institutions “Excellent Works of Cultural and Artistic Creation”, “Special TV Column”, “Best TV Column”, etc.  Many programs of the channel have also won prizes from SMG.

Since the transformation towards public good, the Art and Culture Channel has integrated resources within SMG to upgrade the present programs and launch fine public good columns of varied types such as art appreciation, information service, and cultural documentary. For example, in close cooperation with the classic FM 94.7, it has made revision to the daily program Roaming in Classics, which offers music fans opportunities to directly experience the charm of top art masters. The daily program New Culture and Art broadcasts performances at domestic and foreign cultural and art events, which makes it possible for the audience to sense the cultural atmosphere of various regions without stepping out of their homes. The daily program World Art Tour has imported and broadcast many excellent themed documentaries on culture and art, leading the audience into a wonderful screen art tour. In the weekly program Kefan’s Interview, the host talks with art celebrities and listens to their journey of heart. The daily program Tonight invites the audience to appreciate classics in various art categories, such as book, painting, movie, dance, drama and photography.

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