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SinoVision (simplified Chinese: 美国中文电视; traditional Chinese: 美國中文電視; pinyin: Měiguó zhōngwén diànshì; Jyutping: Mei5gwok3 zung1man4 din6si6) is a U.S.-based Chinese language television network. SinoVision has offices in Lower Manhattan, Flushing, and Brooklyn. It has correspondents in Washington, D.C., Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Houston. Its flagship program is daily SinoVision Nightly News (中文晚间播报), which is an hour long on weekdays and half-hour long on weekends; other daily Chinese programs include SinoVision 30-minute Evening News (中文晚间快报) and Financial Reports (中文财经).

The 24-hour English Channel currently has seven independently produced programs with a focus on news, language, culture, and education, and aims to promote awareness in Chinese culture to Americans both in and out of the Chinese diasporas, collaborating with the stations CCTV, International Channel Shanghai (ICS) and Beijing TV. In addition to cooperative production on some shows, English Channel sometimes directly airs programs from CCTV, ICS and Beijing TV. SinoVision Chinese Channel also airs its English programs Cosmo Times and W.E. Talk.

SinoVision's news anchors and hosts include: Deng Shuang (邓爽), Tan Lin (谭琳), Hou Youxing (侯又兴), Yu Yao (俞尧), and Zhu Tian (朱甜). Tan Lin, also known as Lin Tan, is also the host of SinoVision's talk show, "New York Lounge" (纽约会客室). "Living in NY" (安家纽约), SinoVision's real estate show, is hosted by Chen Dong (陈东).

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