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SYTV Economic and Life Channel (Channel 2) is a channel with economy, life and film and TV series as its main part. The economic and living sections are all self-run sections of this channel.

From setting to style, planning to production, content to form, these columns follow the purpose of "people's own channel". They have high standing, accurate positioning, wide vision and new perspectives. Starting from the orientation of professional channels, we should adjust the taste of "popularization"; starting from the excitement point of "popularity", we should look for the entrance of "specialty".

On the one hand, from the basic orientation of economic and life channels, programs are set up. With the comprehensive use of TV elements, we should develop the economic, life, knowledge and entertainment elements contained in it, and attract multi-level audiences by means of "specializing in a wide range", so as to broaden channel audiences'resources.

On the other hand, for some types of programs with low purity of economic and life channel positioning content, efforts should be made to tap the potential close to economic and life, and to find a suitable foothold and entry point for "professional" performance from the channel positioning, so as to "become widely specialized".

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