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Suzhou Mobile TV Channel started broadcasting on May 18, 2007, which was jointly funded by Suzhou Radio and TV Station and China Vision Media Group (NASDAQ listed enterprise: VISN). The channel is the only outdoor TV medium in Suzhou which is transmitted by wireless terrestrial digital broadcasting technology and broadcast by terrestrial digital receiving mode.

TV programs such as news, information, sports and entertainment are provided to the mobile people through LCD TV receiving equipment installed in public transportation carriers and other outdoor places, so as to meet the information needs of the mobile people when going out and relaxing. The Suzhou mobile TV channel not only inherits the rich, vivid and real-time features of the traditional TV channel, but also takes the outdoor mobile crowd as the main target audience. The use of digital mobile television technology makes the dream of watching TV anytime and anywhere a reality. Suzhou mobile TV channel will become the largest, monitoring, most efficient outdoor media, the construction of a "TV long feet, with the audience running" of the new media form.

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