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Suzhou Social and Economic Channel was founded in 1993. Localization and innovation are the characteristics of this channel. Channel self-run program time of 170 minutes, with four self-run brand columns.

Among them: 70 minutes people's livelihood news column "social fax," weather talk show column "talk about the land," as well as the service of the common people "Zhao Hui to help you." Channel shooting and production of "Su Yuan Six Records" and a number of art film, in the country has a greater impact. "20 Hours of Life" Cross-Straits Action to Save Chen Xia, "" Chinese Reunion Month, "" Mother Love Forever, "such large-scale live broadcast activities as" Moto Bean Baby Love Action "have not only produced a strong impact in China, but also in the global Chinese circle. The channel emphasizes the individualization and localization of the program, and is called the "People" channel of Suzhou. Social and Economic Channel 07: 52-08: 20 - "Fresh News" (Rerun) 11: 15-12: 00 - "Shi Bin Liaozhai" (Rerun) 12: 00-13: 15 - "Social Fax" (Rerun) 17: 50-18: 20 - "1 pot of news" (first broadcast) 18: 20-19: 30 - "social fax" (first broadcast) 19: 30-19: 42 - "22: 00-22: 40 - "Shi Bin Liaozhai" (premiere) 22: 40-23: 10 - "Fax Focus"

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