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Suzhou News Integrated Channel, as the first channel of Suzhou Radio and TV Station, news integrated channel runs its own news program for more than 3 hours every day, including "Suzhou News," "Dialogue Suzhou," "News Night Shuttle," "Shi Bin Liaozhai," It has become a TV program with the strongest influence, the highest rating and the greatest value in Suzhou TV market.

Established in September 2001, Suzhou Radio and TV Station was formed by the integration of the former Suzhou TV Station, Suzhou Cable TV Station, Suzhou People's Radio Station, Suzhou Radio and TV Newspaper Office, Wu County Radio and TV Bureau and its subordinate TV and radio stations. It is a public institution directly controlled by Suzhou Municipal Government and an independent legal entity, and the General Station undertakes the tasks of news publicity, program production, development and construction of radio and television network, team building and preservation and appreciation of state-owned assets.

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