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TDM Desporto, TDM Sports, which was launched on October 9, 2009, is the fifth free digital broadcast channel of Macau Radio and Television Corporation. In addition to the live broadcast of some sports events, This channel usually starts at 16: 00 and closes at 7: 00 the next day.

TDM Sports is mainly live broadcast or broadcast sports events, including some of the latest sporting events in Macau and the world, including the Macau Grand Prix, the Macau International Dragon Boat Invitational, and the World Women's Volleyball Grand Prix. The Australian Open and the World Football Tournament are each hosted by two Cantonese speakers, which are broadcast live in bilingual Liyin. There will also be some sports-related programs. In addition, sports news will be broadcast three times in the evening, usually at 20 hours, 22 hours, 0 hours. There will also be a broadcast of Jungjian Qunying broadcast on Macau TV. There are no ads on its channels, and in addition to waiting for the live event to proceed, the song will also play at this time.

A dedicated channel for sports-loving viewers, live broadcast of top football matches, including: European Champions League, European Union, China Super Football League and Japan Professional Football League, etc.; Other sports events such as badminton, table tennis, swimming and gymnastics are also broadcast. Of course, australia sports will be a live broadcast of the local sports event: The grand prix.


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