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The Macau Information Channel was launched on 3 September 2012 to broadcast news, life and financial information programmes to provide the public with the most up-to-date information, keep in touch with the world and focus on global financial information. Provide detailed financial and financial information.

Macau Information Desk (hereinafter referred to as Macau Information); Portuguese: TDM Informa o, formerly known as Aussie Life Station (abbreviated as Aussie Life); Portuguese: TDM Vida, which was launched on 26 October 2009, is the sixth channel of Macau Radio and Television Co., Ltd., which mainly broadcasts programmes such as news and information. And broadcast on the stock market trading day Ningxia Satellite TV program.

Changed its name to Macau Information Station on September 3, 2012. The Macau Life Channel is located as the Macau Community Television Channel. It aims to bring closer the people of Macau and explore a wide range of life in the city. The channels focus on news, information, life, arts, education and education. Entertainment, in addition to non-local production of children's programs, tourism and leisure programs, Chinese and Western dramas and films, etc. The channel starts every day at 4: 00 pm and closes by 2: 00 the next day. Broadcast of Chinese Channel of Radio Macau during Radio Reception.

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