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In recent year, due to that rapid development of digital technology, various new transmission vehicles and broadcast platforms have joined the war of distributing and listen to the mass market, Grab the limited advertising budget resources. Taiwan's TV channels, with a total of more than 200 platforms, are the most competitive TV industry in the world. Facing the declining advertising market and the inferior position of the change of industrial structure, how to locate the channel and strive for the target market is the important operation strategy of taiwan video company.

TTV company's main channel "Taiwan TV station" in addition to always adhere to the launch of more than 50 years of channel market positioning; In addition to creating a comprehensive program channel suitable for the whole family's viewing, making and broadcasting programs of various kinds of drama, variety, news and cultural and leisure information, and making time schedule planning according to the channel operation strategy of "single frequency diversity." In order to meet that needs of the major audience group in each period, the production system of various programs and news can meet the needs of audience from all walks of life in an all-round way.

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