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189 TV Produced for Skywing Video Media Co., Ltd. Zuo Anlong, a famous finance and economics host, is the new media platform with focus on investment and management. "Stock Left" is an interactive financial special program jointly organized by Tanyi Video, a subsidiary of China Telecom, and the team of Zuo Anlong. The program adopts the form of mobile phone and network cross-screen live broadcast, which avoids the single platform and time limit of the traditional satellite TV program, and the live broadcast time is 9: 30-16: 00 per trading day. Due to the special playing platform, the program also supports on-demand and playback, and the attached "investment data" function, authoritative value analysis, decryption main trends, prompt trading opportunities, and predict future trends. As the first and largest paid video service platform in China, Skywing Video attracts users at a price of one dollar a day, 30 yuan a month and 360 yuan a year, and can be viewed simultaneously on PCs, TV, PAD and mobile phones. Facing the audience soon, the audience rating in the Skywing video platform entered the Third Division, which is the new milestone of the network live broadcast program, and is the only network live broadcast program in the Third Division.

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