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TV33 New Zealand Chinese TV Station, New Zealand TV Station serving the Chinese people. As a pioneer of Chinese digital television, TV33 New Zealand Chinese Television has gone through seven years of precipitation and efforts since its launch on May 1, 2010. With its high quality programs and enthusiastic response from users, it has developed into a multi-media, omni-directional and wide-coverage mainstream Chinese media, which stands out in the market.

As a member of Freeview, TV33 provides Chinese programs to the Chinese audience in New Zealand, with 33 channels. The program covers news, education, science and technology, information, entertainment and other fields. Its form pursues diversification, interesting and practical. Its content is rich and colorful, novel, mobile and free. It covers all New Zealand. We have News 33, Children's World, Wine Life, Drama Appreciation, Open Home, Ambassador Ping An Talking about Peace, Garden of Chinese Social Service, Big Bang on Topics, Chinese Medicine Watching, Global News Express, Dr. Yang Jian Talking about Current Affairs, People's Chronicle, Think about Coming and Coming, Financial Time and Law Face to Face. 》 More than ten self-created columns, multi-dimensional to meet the viewing needs of all types of viewers.

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