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Taizhou economic and life channel to involve the economy, focus on people's livelihood, the pursuit of humanity, highlighting the immediate life of the service as the channel positioning.

The main contents are the reports on information service, policy interpretation, legal aid, consumption guidance and other aspects relating to people's livelihood, and the columns of "live live live," "face-to-face" and "treasured Taizhou," "economic overpass" and "campus landscape." By elaborating such outsourced columns as "consumption era," "hot people," "happy life a little bit," "fashion look and see," the economic and life channel has introduced a fine movie and television drama reflecting family ethics and human affection as the theme "Information is fast and dense, the life breath is rich, has the affinity and the attraction" the channel new image. Live Live - A comprehensive 30 - minute news broadcast every seven days. Daily self-broadcast 15 minutes of people's livelihood news and social news to form the first segment; The second section reports the public's concern in the form of news series or "interview connection," and the society reflects the big news events. Treasured Taizhou - - A TV Culture Program. With the characteristics of Taizhou regional culture and folk customs, the space is short and exquisite, small and delicious, the historical whispers, the rural wind chanting, and the modern movement are presented with the characteristic cultural connotation, like a small flower, fresh, elegant, and waving the colorful colors. Give people the tapping and infection of the heart. "Serving 10,000 People" - A column of Service Complaints, which aims to establish a bridge of communication and communication between consumers and merchants with an objective and impartial attitude. It is the purpose of the column to guide the market consumption, safeguard the consumers' rights and interests, and improve the service quality of the merchants. Premiere at 22: 20 pm Mondays to Saturdays.

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