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The main columns of Wuhan Educational Television Station are "People's Affairs Today", "Educational Perspective", "I Love Wuhan", "Teacher's Square", "Inside and Outside the Examination Site", "White-collar Life", "Walking into the Kingdom of Mathematics", "News Story Club", "Teaching and Visual Space", "Workplace Training Camp" and "Film Link", "College Student Drama". Field, Happy Cinema, etc.

Since its establishment, Wuhan Educational Television Station has always adhered to the function of "reporting educational news, disseminating excellent culture and popularizing scientific and technological knowledge", established the frequency concept of "scientific and humanistic knowledge wisdom". While doing well in educational news publicity, Wuhan Educational Television Station has produced and broadcast one after another around inheriting and constructing regional culture. A large number of excellent feature films, teaching films and documentaries make the whole channel present a high-grade, high-quality brand image. By 2010, 286 works were awarded in the "Hubei Radio and Television Award", "Hubei News Award" and "China Education and Television Award". Among them, 83 were awarded the first prize.

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