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Xiantao TV Life Style Channel's main columns: Wandering Xiantao, Little Host, Health Contract, Travel to the World. The two sets of signals of Xiantao TV station cover most areas of Xiantao and parts of surrounding counties and cities.

Xiantao Radio and Television Station currently has many brand TV programs such as Xiantao News, Jianghan Vision, Field, Hi Xiantao and so on. Xiantao, known as the "Pearl of Jianghan", is one of the important birthplaces of Jingchu culture, formerly known as Wuyang. Since ancient times, Xiantao has been praised as "the land of culture" and "the land of the first prize" with abundant talent resources. It is a national garden city, the first batch of national tourism demonstration zones, a national health city, a national pilot project for new urbanization and a national pilot project for smart cities.

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