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Since its launch in 2002, Channel Young has been named by authoritative institutions as “Successful Chinese TV Brand of the Year”, “Top 20 Terrestrial Channel Programs of the Year”, “Landmark TV Best Market Value Channel of the Year”, “Powerful Channel of the Year”, “Top Ten Regional TV Channels Influencing China”, and “Top Eight TV Media in Charity”. The channel covers a population of over 136 million in Shanghai and neighboring regions.

The target audience of the channel are urban white-collar females aged between 20 and 45 featuring high income, good education background and strong consumption power. Following the slogan “Love My Life”, the channel is dedicated to leading fashion culture and promoting quality life through its programs, including information service, feature, conversation, variety show, reality show, documentary, etc. In 2014, the programs produced or owned by Channel Young reached seven hours a day.

The programs of Channel Young has been distributed to dozens of domestic TV stations and new media networks as well as overseas markets, including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and the Chinese communities in North America, Europe, Japan, Korea, Singapore and Malaysia.

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