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Xinjiang TV Station Chinese Variety Channel (XJTV-4), the fourth set of program of Xinjiang TV Station is a fashion consulting program and film and TV series, trying to reflect the characteristics of the modern urban times channel.

The channel now broadcasts 16 episodes of TV dramas throughout the day, including "Female Theatre," "Idol Theatre," "Emerald Theatre," "White-collar Theatre" and "Family Theatre," The goal orientation and content orientation of each theatre are relatively clear, and the flow of the audience among the theatres is smooth, so that the plays broadcast for different people in each period form a resultant force and become the core product of the channel. The channel uses the avant-garde idea and the modern skill to pack the channel image, has molded the unique channel style. The program content tries to lead the life frontier, strengthens the channel affinity. Programming highlights the concept of urban fashion life, delivering the latest urban life of all kinds of information.

In recent year, that fourth program of Xinjiang TV station has always adhere to the channel management strategy of individualized survival and differential competition. after years of experience in the intense screen competition, the channel has been built with its unique advantages and charm. Become the preferred TV channel for Xinjiang audience.

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