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The original Xinjiang cable Uighur language integrated channel, Xinjiang TV station Uighur language variety channel (XJTV - 5) is broadcast films, literature, entertainment and leisure categories of the main variety channel.

Its predecessor was the Xinjiang cable television station Uygur language channel, which has been firmly holding the correct public opinion guide since its broadcast, striving to make the television publicity close to the people, close to the reality and close to life. The programs broadcast by ethnic minority TV viewers all over Xinjiang's favorite, the quality and quantity of the completed various propaganda tasks. Channel under the program management section, comprehensive management section and 7 column groups. The broadcast starts at 7: 00 a.m. Xinjiang time every morning and ends at 00: 00 p.m. The total broadcast time of the whole day is 14 hours.

There are seven self-run columns: "Song of Tianshan," "Forest of Culture," "Entertainment Space," "Tourism and the World," "Culture and Development," "Xinjiang Sports" and "Friends of Health." The broadcast time of the self-run program accounts for about 20% of the total broadcast amount of the whole-day program. In addition, we also opened the "classic cinema," "good film about," "home theater," "diamond cinema" and other four major theaters. Six to seven films are broadcast every day, accounting for about 60% of the total daily broadcast. Basically, there's a new movie every day.

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