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The original Xinjiang cable ha comprehensive channel, Xinjiang TV HAC variety entertainment channel is mainly based on entertainment programs and TV dramas, striving to reflect the professional channels of Kazakh culture and life. From the operational point of view, in terms of column positioning, market positioning, audience positioning, layout positioning and advertising positioning, it basically conforms to professional construction, highlights new concepts of cultural life in Kazakhstan as a whole, strives to close to and show Kazakh cultural life in self-run columns, grasps the national characteristics, and gradually moves towards a genuine variety program level.

To build channel brand column is a kind of literary and artistic program for this channel. It can locate with the channel and give full play to its advantages. The four self-run columns of Kazakh language variety channel are "Women's Concern", "Social Latitude", "Variety Stage", "Cha Shu On Demand", "Next Week Screen". The main content of the program is "Golden Theater", "Diamond Cinema", and the self-run columns broadcast in prime time. On average, 7 hours are being broadcast and 7 hours are replayed every day, totaling 14 hours. Variety literary and artistic programs are arranged on holidays.

XJTV-8 is also a seasonal channel in Kazakh and Kirgiz languages. It sends 75 minutes of TV programs to the mainland and the Kazakhstan every day at 18:30.

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