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China Snow Township is located in Hailin City, southwest of Mudanjiang. It has long snow periods and frequent snowfall. It has a “day without three sunny days”.

It is rainy and snowy in summer, and the snow period lasts for 7 months, from October to October every year. In May of the following year, the snow accumulated continuously, and the annual average snow thickness reached 2 meters. The amount of snow is the highest in China, and the snow quality is good and the viscosity is high. It is known as the “China Snow Township”.

Xuexiang National Forest Park (Chinese: 雪乡国家森林公园), also known as China Snow Town, is a national forest park in Changting Town, Hailin, Heilongjiang, China.

The national forest park is established in 1948.

It has been categorized as an AAAA level tourist site by the China National Tourism Administration.

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