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GRT English Teaching Channel is a satellite digital channel sponsored by Guangdong TV Station. It was first launched in 2005. It covers the whole country and features a family environment with English tutoring. With the aim of improving the English level of the whole people, the professional TV channel is also the only professional tutorial channel for English learners in China.

The goal of GRT English Teaching Channel is to create a family environment for English tutoring and to improve the practical English use ability of English learners. Focus on improving the family members English listening and speaking practical ability, emphasizing practicality, entertainment, fun, to achieve their own needs, the whole family to be used. Focusing on the goal and content of campus English teaching and guided by the concept of immersion English learning, a relaxed and relaxed home English teaching environment is created.

According to the rules and psychological characteristics of English learning in China, various kinds of English counseling programs with rich content, novel and diversified forms and strong pertinence are provided for the users, so as to make English education universal and fully embody the professional spirit of improving the channel.


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