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GRT Cruise Travel Channel is the first professional tourism TV channel in Guangdong. Covering Guangzhou, Beijing and some parts of Guangdong Province, covering about 4 million channels, featuring rich foreign tourism programs, is the best platform for launching classified advertising products for tourism and life.

GRT Cruise Travel Channel is the first professional digital TV channel established by the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television (SARFT) in June 2005. The channel is operated professionally by Guangzhou Yinshi Tourism Culture Media Co., Ltd. It is an information, service and authoritative professional tourism channel with features of cruise tourism program, comprehensive tourism service as its content and direct-selling tourism advertisement magazine as its skeleton. Highlight the tourism channel "cruise characteristics," gather up-to-date information from all over the country, create relevant special tourism programs, promote the new tourism mode cruise tourism, promote the new concept of tourism. Integrating the advantages of various series of radio stations in Guangdong, and jointly launching multi-media integrated marketing programs. Set up practical tourism consumption programs, interact with the audience, provide the most direct industry information, for the tourism industry and tourism enthusiasts to provide the most practical services.

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