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Yangquan TV station broadcasts a set of comprehensive news channels for 31 hours a day. In addition to broadcasting four sets of TV programs from the central and provincial governments and signal transmission from two provincial microwave trunk stations, it also runs seven news, social education, literature and art programs. The program signals cover more than 4000 square kilometers in two counties and three districts of the city.

In self-run programs, the main column "Yangquan News" reports my major events, emergencies, new events and moving events in real, accurate, timely and vivid, and the ratings have been in a high position. "News Express" is close to the people, close to life, lively in form, unconventional and popular with the audience. The 111 Report, known as "Focus Interview" in Yangquan, is characterized by serving the society, serving the people, focusing on hot spots and issues. It plays a unique role in reflecting the voices of the people and promoting the development of various works in our city. Adhering to the correct guidance of public opinion and the principle of "three closeness", elaborate planning, in-depth interviews and shooting, and elaborate arrangement, all kinds of news, special topics, literature and art, advertising programs have become good staff and helpers of the people of the whole city, and all kinds of applicable information and healthy spiritual food have played a positive role in the economic development and cultural prosperity of Yangquan City. Promoting role.

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