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Pearl River Movie Channel was officially launched on December 30, 2008, which aims to spread the movie culture, entertain the audience and promote the film industry of Lingnan. Guangdong film industry to accelerate the development of the purpose, through the Guangdong cable television network to transmit to all parts of the province, covering more than 14 million limited television users nearly 100 million television viewers, broadcast 19 hours a day.

Zhu Jiang Film Group (ZJFG) is located in the city of Guangzhou, South China, adjacent to the great Pearl River. It is a state-owned cultural conglomerate, established jointly by Zhu Jiang Film Studio and Guangdong Film Company in the 1950s. As the top film conglomerate with the longest history in South China over the years, ZJFG has diversified business including film & TV creation,production,marketing, distribution, screening (major business), and related business, new media, training of performing arts, etc.

Rooted in Guangdong, the frontier of opening and reform, ZJFL has produced more than 1000 excellent films and established itself firmly in Chinese filmdom. Nowadays, guided by the strategy of “develop core business in film industry and to extend in related industries”, ZJFG carries forward the spirit of “innovative, pragmatic, united and responsible”, produces some quality films with good box office, social and economic benefits. Southern Mainline Cinema , operated by ZJFG, has over 600 movie theaters, whose total box office ranks fourth in Chinese cinema industry. Besides, Zhu Jiang Film Channel, Film & Television Culture Experiencing Space “Zhu Jiang Film Star City, Film Digital Base, online Chinese film distribution platform and Zhu Jiang Orchestra, have also achieved good development and inject ZJFG with more vitality and competitiveness.

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