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Zhejiang International Channel is the only TV channel in Zhejiang Province dedicated to overseas Chinese and Chinese-speaking overseas audiences. On August 20, 2006, more than 10 columns including "Golden Time" and "Discovery of Zhejiang" were launched to provide overseas viewers with the latest news, finance, science and education, humanities, entertainment information and influential TV programs in Europe. More than 40 countries and regions in North America, South America and Southeast Asia are broadcast on the ground.

Since its launch, the international channel of zhejiang tv station has always taken the program quality as the first goal of the channel's pursuit, made full use of the resources of overseas overseas chinese and chinese, dominated the current political and financial news, and set up the international communication concept. Pay attention to the dissemination skill and the dissemination benefit, the program is loved by the overseas audience. In recent years, a press station has been set up in Paris, France, Los Angeles, Houston and other cities of the United States to extensively collect news from Chinese Chinatown, pay attention to the people's livelihood abroad, serve the audience zealously, and form a distinctive feature of Zhejiang international communication.

Zhejiang International Channel is an important foreign TV media on the Great Wall Platform of China, and enjoys high popularity and reputation among overseas Chinese and Chinese audiences.

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