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Zhejiang Film Entertainment Channel ZTV5 is a strong channel of Zhejiang Radio, Film and Television Group, which is based on abundant movies and TV series and features fresh and fashionable entertainment.

Zhejiang Film Entertainment Channel ZTV5, with its proud film and television dramas, wonderful self-run columns and rich variety activities, is playing in the mass media battlefield. Channel has been a strong TV drama "back to the Pearl grid," "Shoot hero biography" to create the audience myth, has been launched "Shajiabang," "Fugui," "critical marriage," and set a channel "first entertainment theater" audience high; Group brand column "the first drama in the pond," with wonderful story, fresh news, vivid dialect, fun comments to win, become the leader of Zhejiang column drama; Channel key columns "look at me today," "tonight high 8 degrees," and so on, to bring all-round entertainment experience to the audience in Zhejiang; Introduction of the column "X - MAN search" exciting, laughing material constantly, as if a game version of the "Infernal Road.

Entertainment and leisure as a feature of the "same" 5, "will be throughout the year as a large-scale activities, setting off a new local entertainment storm. Zhejiang TV station film and television entertainment channel July 16, 2007 comprehensive revision. Zhejiang "first family channel" on the stage. From the location of "female channel" at the time of channel creation to the formation of "family channel" in the embryonic form later, to the creation of "first family channel" today, a channel with a history of 15 years, Zhejiang Film and TV, has completed a brand-new transformation. "Happiness, Start at Home" - - The image of a friendly channel, however, jumps out. Home channel is very popular abroad, the famous American movie channel HBO is a famous family channel in the world. The revised "first family channel" will focus on the concept of "family," make great efforts in program, package and arrangement, form distinctive features, and adopt the strategy of differentiated marketing, so as to facilitate the discrimination and identification of viewers.

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