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The cable (network) TV station of Zhengzhou University is the TV program production and broadcasting organization of our university. It is jointly directed by the Propaganda Department of the Party Committee and the School of Journalism and Communication.

At present, Zhengzhou University Cable (Network) TV Station has set up many columns, such as Zheng Da News, One Week Information, Zheng Da Stories, Zheng Da Elegance, Xinchuan Youth Talks, Student Works, etc. Over the past few years, Zhengzhou University Cable (Network) TV Station has closely focused on the task of building a high-level university, deeply explored the bright spots in the work of the university, actively studied the law of reporting by the mass media, comprehensively and deeply publicized and reported the special work and outstanding achievements in the reform and development of the school, and achieved the unanimous good results of teachers and students. Comments. Focusing on the major achievements of all kinds of major activities on campus, and making full use of the media planning on campus, we have reported a number of news that can truly reflect the construction of our high-level university. We have established a good interaction and cooperation relationship with the mass media. According to the characteristics of the media, we have changed events with news value in the reform and development of our university. "Wait" news is to "find" news, actively and pertinently carry out news work, provide relevant news for various media, and effectively publicize the achievements of our school.

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