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Guangdong Golf Channel, officially launched on January 1, 2006, is the first professional golf channel in China.

Golf Channel, as the first high-end media brand in China, is the first digital TV channel in China to broadcast golf 24 hours by Guangdong TV Station. It has the exclusive live broadcast rights of international copyright such as golf four grand slam games and US tour and rich golf teaching videos. It is the preferred media channel for the elite and golf fans.

The golf channel, with the spirit of "human harmony and nature, heaven is shore and heart as the peak," continuously innovates and leapfrog development; in 2007, the golf channel has launched the comprehensive strategic cooperation plan with PGA TOUR.

In 2007, we exclusively own PGA TOUR, and we offer LPGA TOUR and EUROPEAN TOUR, as well as other tours for the spectators; seven days a week, the fastest. The most comprehensive golf news report; as well as the golf humanities history culture, the professional golf study course, the graceful golf life and so on multiple programs.


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