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Jilin basketball channel is a national digital pay television channel, is also the only national basketball-themed professional television channel. Basketball Channel is mainly based on Chinese basketball, and is committed to China's basketball to create a national, first-class television professional platform.

Jilin basketball channel covers sports events, information, entertainment, special topics and teaching programs. The event programs include: CBA League, World Championship, Olympic Games, Asian Championship, China Team, National Youth Team, National Olympic Team related events, CUBA, Super League, NBA, European Club Championship, Spanish League and so on. News and special programs will be online world basketball-related information, people, columns and other programs. Basketball is highly popular because of its popularity and popularity. As the only professional channel with basketball as the theme in the country, it will certainly take its unique resource advantages and rich program advantages. The popularity of the audience advantage in the national pay-TV market occupies a place.

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