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The vanguard table tennis feather channel is the national payment channel which the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television approves the Hunan television station to open.

"Top Live / TOP LIVE" series, international and domestic top table tennis events live or broadcast simultaneously (such as: Thomas Cup, Uber Cup, Sudirman Cup, World feather union super series), table tennis World Cup, The broadcasting frequency of the World Table Tennis Tournament and so on is higher, the period setting is more consistent with the audience habit, and the follow-up comments and analysis have more depth

"Pioneer Training Camp" is the best badminton teaching program in China. The champion coach provides one-to-one guidance to rapidly improve the professional level of actual combat.

The "Classic Field" is carefully edited for professional fans, especially for the viewing time arranged for you, so as not to miss any classic moment, the top nine table tennis feathered contest of the past years, every day on the wonderful cut edition.

"Weapon" teaches you to identify the most suitable weapon for professional equipment, such as table tennis feather in-depth guidance professional programs to provide professional technical guidance and fan interaction for the target audience.


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