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Bingtuan Television (BTTV; Chinese: 新疆兵团电视台; pinyin: Bīngtuán Diànshìtái) is a provincial satellite television station in Xinjiang, China, administered by the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps. Also known as Bingtuan Satellite Television (simplified Chinese: 兵团卫视; traditional Chinese: 兵團衛視), it started its 24-hour satellitic broadcasting through Sinosat-3 on October 7, 2007. Its service covers Urumqi, the capital of Xinjiang, and many regions under the XPCC, and several other provinces in China. On July 1, 2008, Bingtuan Television was rendered meliorative, with the generality modified by concentrating on music programs, in an effort to become the top youth music channel in China. However, after the July 5 Urumqi riots, State Administration of Radio, Film, and Television demanded for BTTV to rectify its contents; BTTV had to cancel the previously planned entertainment-centered projects made by the specialized program production company based in Urumqi and Beijing, routinely rebroadcasting CCTV-1, the primary channel of China Central Television. BTTV only keep some of its original programs, sucu as the Bingtuan News and soap operas.

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