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Chongqing TV Logo Chongqing Satellite TV plays the channel positioning slogan of "Story China · Humanities World" on the basis of the spicy style of Ba-Yu narrative. In the design of Chongqing Satellite TV, the story is the mode, the humanities is the temperament, the "story" is Chongqing Satellite TV's pursuit of the narrative mode, while the "humanities" is the climb to the Taiwan's temperament, making programs in a way that conforms to the nature of the mass's "storytelling thinking," and subliming information with humanistic solicitude. Chongqing Satellite TV as TV media, its own brand value and dissemination of responsibility has also been strengthened. Conversely, the promotion of brand influence will also be conducive to the realization of the communication function. Story China will speed up the spread of the common people, "humane world" more attempts to guide the pursuit of cultural connotation, such media will more effectively promote the social culture and moral benign progress, and then promote the construction of a harmonious society.

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