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Dim sum satellite TV is jointly run by Southern International Media Holdings Limited and Hong Kong Patriotic and Love Hong Kong Capital Agency. "Dim sum Satellite TV," also known as "Guangdong and Hong Kong Channel," is an important measure to implement the "Going Out Project" of Guangdong radio and TV industry. The program has become the first Cantonese-language television media in the Mainland to cover Hong Kong, Macao and Guangdong. Dim sum tv is a new cantonese infotainment channel, unique in that it is the first channel designed to provide viewers with up-to-date information about the greater pearl river delta. Dim sum satellite tv will make every effort to provide viewers with the most fashionable, lighthearted and enthusiastic program content in the district, and establish "new guangdong tv culture." Like the world-famous dim sum culture rooted in southern China, every viewer on dim sum tv can find content suitable for himself. Dim sum satellite tv offers an overwhelming array of information and entertainment programs focusing on economic and social development in the greater pearl river delta region, urban planning, culture, life balanced with work, fine dining, trendy fashion and other rich content. Dim sum tv's colorful content will be broadcast in a variety of programming formats, including in-depth interviews with guests, interactive game shows for on-site viewers, and cheering tv dramas.


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