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Guizhou Satellite TV is one of the provincial satellite channels with the earliest star time and the widest coverage in China. In 2013, Guizhou Satellite TV ranked 12 at night in 35 central cities of provincial-level satellite TV. In 2013, Guizhou Satellite TV achieved a population of 946 million, and the provincial-level satellite TV was the seventh. TV shows have been listed as "very perfect," "perfect encounter," "singing out of love sparks," the drama says the storm, "very happy," "health care," "on the Tao," "truth" and so on. After the reform in recent years, the quality of the programs has been improved and the management performance has been outstanding. Guizhou Satellite TV was built in 1968. In 1998, Guizhou Satellite TV, facing the severe competition situation, put forward the working idea of "program-based, relying on reform and development" and the goal of realizing leapfrog development, taking the lead in implementing the employment system of all employees and the recruitment of cadres in the same industry throughout the country. And take this as the breach, opened up the financial system, the program production system, the advertisement management system reform prologue. After constant efforts, remarkable results have been achieved, and a new internal operation mechanism that meets the development requirements of the television industry and is suitable for the reality of Taiwan affairs has been preliminarily formed. Since its establishment in 1968, guizhou tv has had eight major channels, such as satellite tv channel, common people channel, film and television literature channel, mass life channel, guizhou 5 channel, science and education health channel, photography channel, go channel and so on. Among them, Weiqi Channel was selected as the first professional Weiqi TV channel of China World Records Association, which created the most in China.

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