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Jilin Television (JLTV, Chinese: 吉林电视台; pinyin: Jílín Diànshìtái) is a television network covering the Changchun city and Jilin province area. It was founded and started to broadcast on October 1, 1959. JLTV currently broadcasts in Chinese, Manchu, and Mongol. Jilin Satellite TV on May 1, 1999 via Asia 2 satellite, broadcast at home and abroad, covering the whole country and Asia Pacific region. Satellite TV channel to feature cultural resources, to create a strong channel brand; Promote Regional Culture with Regional Concept and Create Brand Depth of Field. Satellite TV channels around the "Northeast Asia" this brand image of the broadcast in Jilin Satellite TV all-round, overall packaging, publicity, in the programming to strengthen the "Northeast Asia concept," to create a "Northeast Asia" characteristic column belt. At present, Jilin Satellite TV has entered the golden age of high-speed channel operation and brand development, and has become the coordinates and windows in Northeast Asia. The production of the broadcast "Super Music 8 points," "Home," "New Day," "joy to send," "success," "office story," "English teasing,"

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