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Kangba TV Logo Sichuan Kangba Tibetan Satellite TV channel is the third satellite TV channel opened in Tibetan area after Tibet and Qinghai Tibetan Satellite TV channel. Kangba Satellite TV (Tibetan, Chinese bilingual) mainly covers Sichuan, Tibet, Qinghai, Yunnan and Gansu provinces. Radiate the vast number of TV users throughout the country. Sichuan Kangba Satellite TV sets out from the platform of Zhongxing No. 9. Born in the West. As a new TV media, it has the advantages of all kinds of eugenics. Since September 2011, in order to expand the coverage of Sichuan Kangba Satellite TV, it has been broadcast in Star 6B Satellite S8 transponder and Sichuan Satellite TV package. Sichuan Kangba Satellite TV is the only bilingual broadcast satellite channel, the western region is the minority communities, the development of backward areas. All kinds of media in the west more or less met the viewing habits of the challenge of embarrassment. And Sichuan Kangba Satellite TV was born on the basic natural affinity. It's a favorite satellite channel in the West.

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