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Liaoning TV Logo On January 1, 1997, Liaoning Satellite TV transmitted program signals to the whole country and even the Asia-Pacific region through satellite, and broadcast them digitally 24 hours a day. This channel covers more than 200 cities in all provinces, cities and autonomous regions through the Star 6B Satellite. The receivable population amounts to 489 million, the stable receivable family household. At the same time, Liaoning Satellite TV in Japan, South Korea, Australia, North America have a local landing. In the province, Liaoning Satellite TV covers 100% of the cities and towns. Liaoning Television, LRTV or Liaoning Radio and Television is located in Shenyang, Liaoning province, China. The television was launched on October 1, 1959. And it is one of the earliest launched televisions in China. LRTV now has 9 radio channels and 10 TV channels for the public, 18 LNVOD for the viewers in Liaoning Province and 6 Pay TV channels for all the viewers in China. LRTV broadcasts only in Mandarin (usually with Chinese subtitles, and occasionally English as well for some features, such as The Ultimate Fighter: China). LRTV's TV and radio broadcasts can be streamed for free online on their main website.

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