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Shannxi TV Logo Shaanxi Satellite TV (SXTVS) officially launched March 18, 1997, its predecessor is the fourth series of Shaanxi TV. In 2001, after the merger of shaanxi tv station and shaanxi cable station, shaanxi tv station was positioned as the main channel, readjusted the channel development idea, and made the unprecedented financial and material investment to the landing coverage work. By the end of 2005, Shaanxi Satellite TV covered 28 provincial capitals and more than 240 prefecture-level cities, ranking first in the northwest. The national audience continues to maintain the "three high" characteristics (high educational background, high post level and high income), of which the proportion of higher cultural audience accounts for 17.1%, higher than the national average level of 7.3%. In addition, also in Hong Kong, Macao, Australia, New Zealand, North America landing. According to the latest Chinese cable television test report, Shaanxi Satellite TV in 41 provinces and cities across the country, TV program coverage broadcast ranked 14th.

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