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Xiamen TV Logo Xiamen Satellite TV on February 1, 2005, a new satellite TV channel - Xiamen Satellite TV was born in the beautiful island of Xiamen. Xiamen Satellite TV, which is affiliated to Xiamen radio and TV Group, is a satellite TV channel with entertainment, culture, art and news information as its main content, with the aim of transmitting cross-strait information, promoting cross-strait exchanges, promoting Minnan culture and spreading Chinese civilization. Xiamen Media Group (XMG; Chinese: 厦门广播电视集团; pinyin: Xiàmén guǎngbō diànshì jítuán; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Ē-mn̂g-kóng-pò-tiān-sī-chïp-thôan), is a television and radio broadcasting network in Xiamen, China owned by local government. XMG is joined from former media entities in Xiamen, i.e. Xiamen Television and People's Radio Station of Xiamen.

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