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The "CHC Motion Film" channel is a sub-division, professional action film channel, with the plot hot, scene fierce police bandits, war, adventure, sports and other themes of the film mainly; The "CHC Action Film" is a collection of kung fu movies, war movies, police and banditry films and gunfight movies, bringing together the world's hottest thriller scenes, snares the world's most dazzling movie stars, and creates a new viewing world for the audience. Uninterruptedly broadcast 24 hours, each day 20: 00 a highlight of the movie, the first Saturday 20: 00 launch of the first foreign action film.

The CHC Motion Film Channel is a brand-new type of film channel set up by the Film Channel Center of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television. It is dedicated to presenting a variety of motion blockbusters full of visual stimulation and shock to the audience, challenging your nerves. Shock your vision!

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